Life and Love: Pokemon Journeys

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Life and Love: Pokemon Journeys

Post by dragonartist713 on April 6th 2011, 8:35 am

A story about life. The process of creating it, bringing it into the world, and living it. And what is one of the main parts of life? Love. Heartbreak, hearthrobs, and pure romance. Through life, through love, our characters prevail, fail, and do all they can, to simply live.
So go ahead. Jump on into our world. You won't be dissapointed. Promise. ;3

i know some of you may have already heard of this (especially those who talk with me on skype regularly) but i will explain this anyway.
this is an ongoing role play between Violet (thesilentwitch) and i. it details the journeys of our characters as they go through their lives, making mistakes, finding love, and enjoying life. ive linked the first chapters of each season for you below. id love it if youd start on the series :3

Season 1: Episode 1 (total 143)

our main characters are introduced and established. youll meet callie, stark and stella, mew, darkrai, jackson, sara, and many others

Season 2: Episode 1 (total 110)

a bit of a dark cloud hovers over the role play... youll see how our characters cope with it and get to know more about where theyve each come from. youll meet nil and adwyth, scar, draco, river, and lots of supporting characters

Season 3: Episode 1 (currently running) but ive been extremely lazy in posting the chapters we have...

our most recent season. things are still heating up for you readers :3 so far, youll meet arthur, virella, rust, riley, and a list of planned charries i wont mention... yet

visit the Life and Love Wiki (may contain spoilers) for more detailed information on our characters and their stories. visit (and watch) my author deviantART to keep up with new chapters.


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