Standard Contest Structure

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Standard Contest Structure

Post by dragonartist713 on March 24th 2011, 9:36 am

Once again, this is merely the basic forum standard for contest structure. It's subject to change from contest to contest to make sure you know what you're getting into when you join a contest.

  • You'll enter a 3v3 battle against a judge. They will have regular and fairly strong pokemon with them so be ready. The goal here is to display both beauty and strength through your choices in moves and training for your pokemon.
  • Judges will take notes during the battle to keep track of your move choices. After it's over, they'll deliberate your score...
  • Whoever has the highest score by the end of judging is the winner.

  • 1-10 points will be given based on how the moves looked (color, energy, duration, etc).
  • An additional 1-5 bonus points may be awarded if the move compliments your pokemon (ie. the type matches or it benefits that type of pokemon)
  • 1-5 points will be awarded on the creativity of your nicknames.
  • 10 bonus points will be awarded if you defeat the judge. If you lost, you'll win only 5.

Maximum score possible is 30. Have fun :3


All available ribbons (used as proof of victory for official contests)


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