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I was reading this one manga called Drifters that has absolutely nothing to do with this post except that I found this manga called Variante right after I completely caught up on Drifters on MangaReader. That was a long sentence.
Anyway, Variante is labeled as a horror manga, although personally it's a terrible horror manga, as it honestly seems like a twisted take on a shoujo manga. It's a pretty good manga regardless.

The entire premise of the story is that a girl dies and gets revived with an uncontrollable mutated left arm. It's a great concept for something like a shonen book because it sounds so badass but it's actually incredibly depressing, which I seriously didn't expect in a "horror manga", so it came as a shock.

The first reason I decided to read it is obvious: HI I'M VARIANT
The second reason is because of the summary given on the page. As I noted, it seemed like a very interesting concept.

It's very interesting (it might not be enjoyable to some people but I enjoyed it a lot) and I felt like making this post.

In other news, I've been on a manga-reading spree. I'll post what I think of a few other manga series later.


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