[poetry] Lair

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[poetry] Lair

Post by dragonartist713 on March 28th 2011, 9:39 am

Black fills.
Faux dark runs rampant in the hearts of those who wait.
They try to call others...
More hearts to join them in endless waiting,
Futile waiting, to their lairs clad in black.
Blood drains slowly from their souls,
Leaving nothing but an empty shell of waiting.

Red light.
Life runs through bright, new coursing veins.
A blood red lair beckons to a living dark.
To save their souls from an eternity of endless waiting.
Color returns and provides this...
A new home of action and passionate movement.

Welcome to the Lair.
The Lair of Darkness.


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Re: [poetry] Lair

Post by Scheiße on March 28th 2011, 4:27 pm


The rush of soft graphite against her skin
Outlines her face.
Next her eyes,
filled with the bright blue hue of life,
And dreams, interlaced

Now imagine this, if you will
as she fades away.
Her skin grows light
and turns to white
leaving an eraser shaving bouquet

Leaving pessimism behind,
I turn to try again.
Correct her figure,
Align her nose,
And hope you don’t make mistakes.

"After all, to the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure."


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Re: [poetry] Lair

Post by Phoenixian on March 28th 2011, 7:24 pm

A single rose
only one
sits in the corner
It flourishes with love
So obviously
Has yet to see a mourner

It suddenly wilts
turning dark
and bursting into ash
I cannot stand
to be alone
I'm downcast in a flash

I feel like I'm dying,
floating in white
just waiting for my end
But I'm through with my crying
drying my tears
My heart I begin to mend

I pick up the petals
gather them up
and tie them with a thread
I stand in triumph
tall and proud
I guess it wasn't the end.

You won't make me
forever sad
my heart sliced in half
I'll find love again
this won't be the end
I'll look at you and laugh

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Re: [poetry] Lair

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