Gym Leader Rules

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Gym Leader Rules

Post by dragonartist713 on March 24th 2011, 7:13 am

Team Rockets: "Lair of Darkness" League Rules

Gym Challenge Rules
  • Most gym leaders will have their own rules, the type of battle, and how many Pokemon you may use. They must be followed just as closely as these standard forum ones.
  • You can battle them in any order and use different teams for each gym (though it's recommended you pick one good team and stick with that).
  • Gym leaders can have any number of pokemon they can use in their teams, so long as they all share a common type.
  • Matches will be level 100, Single Play unless the gym leader says otherwise.
  • The winner is determined best of 1 match, 6 Pokémon each unless the gym leader says otherwise)

Gym Leadership Rules

  • Constantly changing your gym's type (even with a power bought in the shop) is prohibited and thus the limit is, twice per year. Choose your type wisely.
  • To make the jump from Gym to E4, there must be 8 gyms (meaning you must find a replacement for yourself before going for the E4 spot). If you lose the E4 try-out, you will not automatically get your gym back. You'll have to challenge one of the current leaders for their position.
  • Gym leadership challenges are limited to once per month. Meaning one challenger can only challenge a particular gym once per month.
  • Each participant in a leadership battle must use a mono team of the current type for the gym. If the leader wins, they keep control of the gym. If the challenger wins, they take over and have the option of changing the gym's type and badge to something else (exempt from the type change limit rule).

Standard Clauses for competitive battling

  • Species Clause: You may not have more than one of the same exact Pokémon on your team. Just refrain from using too many of the same type pokemon on one team.
  • Sleep Clause: Only one Pokémon on either team may be put to sleep and/or frozen by their opponent. This does not include self-induced sleep techniques such as rest. Once a Pokémon awakes, another or the same one may be put to sleep.
  • Self KO Clause: If both players are on their last Pokémon, and one player performs a Self KO technique such as Self-Destruct or Explosion, and both players' Pokémon faint as a result, the player that initiated the move will be the loser of the battle. This does not include techniques or items that produce recoil.
  • Evasion Clause: Any moves that increase your Pokémon’s evasion skills are banned from use. So Double Team, Sand Attack, Flash, ect.
  • One Hit KO Clause: Any techniques that produce a One Hit KO on the opponent are banned from use. No horn drill, sheer cold, or fissure.
  • Item Clause/Restriction: That means you cannot have more then 2 type of item. Each Pokémon must be holding a different (or no item) then the other. No HAX items either.
  • Legendary Clause: You may have no legendary pokemon in your team.
  • Outrageous Clause: You may not have any ridiculous Pokémon with hacked moves, impossible stats, abilities, or other. Pokesav'd Pokemon with legit stats, legal movesets, and etc are fine.


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