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Jilppagi is a website co-founded by Soccerryle and myself. I'm the only admin, though.
We're so awesome that we're also an official affiliate of the LoD.
Our actual site is largely incomplete, but my goal is to make it as fun as possible. I'm not a person that does things because they're told to do it, so I'm not very good as an employee, but it makes me a damn good self-programmer, and Jilppagi was created entirely by me, with the original suggestions and enhancements by Soccerryle.
The button is rainbow-y because it's so beautiful. Muk has attained god-like status, this much is true.


Sekai wa utsukushiku nanka nai. Soshite sore yueni utsukushii.
The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.
Nana ka maka;
ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
pa`a ka waha.
Thus one learns.

'cause it's a bittersweet symphony, that's life
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