LoD Big Bang Firework Tournament!

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LoD Big Bang Firework Tournament!

Post by Jack Kingston on July 5th 2011, 9:08 am

Yes the Staff have authority to start tournaments and contest as well. And Espe said she'd rather seperate this from the tournament. This is a different tournament than the Start of Summer, you have to use "Fireworky" pokemon the following could apply.

-Red, White, and Blue
-Glowing Pokemon
-Shiny Pokemon

1st- 500 DC and an LoD event pokemon (same as always)
2nd-200 DC
3rd- 150 DC

DC stands for Dark Coins, the currency of the forum. They can be used in the shop to buy awesome things like a custom user rank or a sticky pin for one of your own topics.

-Standard tournament structure. Battle each other until only 1 is left.
-Use common battling courtesy (standard clauses)
-No legendary pokemon (they're against the forum rules and extremely noobish).
-Have fun.
-Standard 3vs3 Triple Battle, so that means only 5th gen. This is to avoid the prolonging of the tournament like the "Start of Summer" it's already July and the tournament hasn't even concluded it's first round still. (Evil Stares at Cress)


Tournament structure is based on how many participants participate.

Jack and Tim's Collaboration, The Letope Region's Map. Subject to change

Kaekage are collaborating a region and have 4 leaders completed and almost complete with leaders, no map or anything like that but he hasn't been on in a while. Can this collaboration be completed or will it remain uncompleted?

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