Discussing the lesser known Eeveeons

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Discussing the lesser known Eeveeons

Post by Dr. Zephery Oswald on June 14th 2011, 5:57 pm

Good day. Dr. Oswald here. Please forgive the lateness of this post, but I have decided to write said posts in written format rather then spoken in order to increase my clarity and give me the ability to say what I want without intermediate stutters.Without further ado, I will explain the eeveeons. Most only know about the elemental types that are far spread. These are;







and Leafeon

However, just because these are the eevee evoloutions that the official pokemon league allow your average joe trainer to catch, breed, battle, and keep, doesn't mean they are the only eeveeons in existance. Far from it.Eevee, as a species, has been around for many years. As such, they have easily adapted forms for every known type in existance. Including the supposedly unused ones. I will now go over each and every supposed unused eeveeon, in an effort to disperse and dilute ignorance.

((Please note that each eeveeon on this list is endangered and or rare, and therefore is likely unobtainable by you, the layman trainer. I encourage you to enjoy the knowledge that these specific pokemon exist, but do not seek them out or attempt to obtain or purchase any of them until such time they are introduced officially into the league.))

Now then. We begin with...

Drakeon - Dragon type eevveon

Description: The eevee's body is now elongated, a healthy male's body peaking at around 7 feet, with approxomately 3 feet devoted to tail, two to main body, and the remaining 2 to neck and head. It is covered from head to tail tip by lustorious yellow/gold scales. Its paws are now long claws, and its face is changed to a beakish maw. It has gained a crest atop its head, and a "mustache" commonly stereotyped to chinese dragons, as this eeveeon apparently takes after. They also have two large wings that are capable of lifting a Drakeon from the ground and allowing them to fly. These wings can fold against the body for incredibly fast dives.

Personality: Most eeveeons of this type are rambunctious and excited as whelps. This causes much destruction, as the long body is rarely conducive to a normal household. However, as with most dragon pokemon, Drakeon is extremely long lived, their estimated lifespan being around 1000 years. Through that time, they learn to calm themselves, and become wise. They usually confine themselves to mountainous terrain, where their
long wings and high resistance to the elements leave them basically undisturbed. Their scales are known to be extremely valuable, even more so then a lump of gold the size of one's head. The scales are also thick and strong as diamond.

Reason for rarity: Few Drakeons exist today, the total population estimated to be around 500, if that. They are rare because of their method of evoloution, which is...

Method of Evoloution: Though no concrete evidence of how an eevee evolves into a Drakeon has been found, it is speculated that when an eevee is exposed to trade machine energy whilst holding a Drakeon scale, they evolve. This indicates that to evolve naturally, either an eevee must be in possession of an eeveeon scale for a long period of time, or else an eevee must be in contact with a Drakeon scale while exposed to high amounts of evoloutionary energy, I.E., being present with the scale as another eevee evolves. Either one of these once in a blue moon occurrences would indicate why Drakeons are so rare; because of the specific set of circumstances that need to align in order to evolve them. Their rarity and their refusal to travel far from their nest means that finding two mated
becomes, again, a very rare occurrence. All of these factors owe to their rarity, making them an endangered species to be raised only by the proper authority.

Insecteon - Bug Type Eeveon

Description; Through the evolution, the eevee only gains around 2 feet to its 3 feet length, most of it being its abdomen. An eevee who evolves into an Insecteon has its tail grow into a large, long abdomen as its most prominent feature. They gain compound eyes, their mouth is replaced by a set of thin, proboscis like mandibles, and they grow antenna as their heads become blue in color. Their back legs become hard and chitinous, and become shaped much like a cricket's or a spider's. Their front legs also go through much the same transformation, however, their paws retain their furry texture and mammalian shape. Lastly, they do gain dragonfly like wings, which allow them to sustain flight for short periods of time.

Personality: Generally, insecteons adhere to insectoid hierarchy and behavioral patterns. They follow a queen and focus mainly on expanding their hive, almost obsessively. However, they still retain some of their mammalian playfulness. Kits born from a queen, though having a predisposition towards being an insecteon, are still born an eevee, and as such, require that they be played with, entertained, and instructed. Likewise, even full grown insecteons sometimes feel playful as opposed to obsessively focused. The Queen, ironically, is usually the least focused of them all, pining for play, but unable to have it because of her duty. Insecteons have two interesting traits about them. The first is that they openly welcome other insects into their hives so long as the foreign insect is willing to better the nest. Ariados, Ledian, and even combee are welcomed. The second is that their biology is specifically programmed towards furthering their population. This shows especially in the fact that, if no female Insecteon are present or are able to become queen, then the strongest male undergoes a spontaneous reorganization of his internal organs in order to make him able to bear children.

Reason for Rarity: Insecteons, as stated before, are extremely promiscuous in their ability to bear children. Even if a female is not near, a male has the ability to drink a bit of blood from any organism and produce his own eggs, becoming a Queen himself. Thus, their official breeding was outlawed to avoid overcrowding of the population. They were eventually hunted to near extinction before they were given their own small island where they could breed to their heart's content. Their short lifespans and tendency to feed on their own larvae keep them from overcrowding the island.

Method of Evoloution: It is said an eevee that has been poisoned just as it is about to evolve will become mutated into an Insecteon. However, this is not confirmed or debunked, and their true method of evoloution remains ambiguous.

Oreon - Steel Type Eeveon

Description: Oreon are long creatures, about 5 feet from rump to nose, and about 3-4 feet tall, with shimmering silver grey fur. Their backs are covered by layered armor that is akin to an armadillo's and shaped much like a Middle Ages' shield. They have similar swaths of metal coverings on each leg. On their head is a thick armored helmet that covers all but their eyes, which are barely visible in the shadow, and their mouth. Hanging from the "shield" on their back is a covering of chainmail like material to protect the Oreon's legs and underbelly. Lastly, their tails are long, stiff, and shaped long a broadsword.

Personality: Oreon are a very warrior centered pokemon. Their tough outer shells, sword tails, and aggressive personality give way to many rough battles. They live deep underground, near ore veins, which they consume to keep their metal shells tough and to provide nutrients. They somehow know how to keep one small vein rich and consumable for up to 5 years, thus making it rare that they need to migrate to a new source of food. They are very chivalrous, never passing up an opportunity to help another pokemon. This chivalry extends to their mating practice. The male with the most battle experience and the strongest, most lustrous armor will be given his pick of the females of the pack. After the two have accepted each other, they shed their armor in order to ensure that superficial reasons are not why they've picked each other as mates. After this acceptance ritual, the two mate each other, and from there, the male will grow a new set of different colored armor in order to signify his matehood, while the female grows athinner set of armor in order to allow for the growing kit. This ritual is very private and sacred to Oreons, and as such, has never actually been observed. Oreons keep their mate for their entire lives.

Reason for Rarity: Because of Oreon's preference for underground enviroments and their constant need of fresh ore, they are both rarely seen and very hard to keep in captivity. The privacy of their ritual and the pride of their species also necessitates that they make their own nest, further increasing the difficulty of keeping even one in captivity. Thus these pokemon are not necessarily rare, but extremely hard to keep in captivity, and thus unobtainable by humans.

Method of Evoloution: If an eevee is leveled up while holding a metal coat, and while its attack stat is above a certain level, it will become an Oreon. Because of the general ignorance of the fact that Oreon even exist, most trainers don't know how to evolve and Oreon, and thus it is widely and erroneously believed that they don't exist.

Shadeon - Ghost Type Eeveon

Description: Shadeon has two forms, though both forms act the same way, and the difference is merely cosmetic, owing to when the eevee "evolved". One is a pure black shadow or silhouette of an espeon with pure black eyes and small wisps floating about it. The other is the same, but with the silhouette of an Umbreon instead. Both can be seen, on rare occasion, flashing a menacing smile of many long fangs.

Personality: Shadeon are inherently evil creatures, wanting only to cause pain, and specifically, death. They seem to spend most of their time invisible and intangible, quietly whispering devious and suicide encouraging words into any pokemon they come across. They seem to have a special penchant for causingthe deaths of young eevees, but do not limit themselves to them. They only occasionally become tangible, likely when they wish to scare other pokemon, or when they wish to taunt or entice an eevee with their visage. Other then this, they seem to spend all their time alone, not even wishing to consort with other Shadeons, except possibly for breeding. The ghosts that float about them seem to be some sort of energy source. A type of food for this ghostly cat. It's possible that the ghost are actually the souls of those the Shadeon goaded into killing themselves, sucked dry until they are worthless, and then released. A Shadeon is considered more powerful the more spirits it has gathered.

Method of Evoloution: Supernaturalists, such as those that adhere to the Wicca religion, will say that when an eevee commits suicide due to depression or desperation, a Shadeon is born. It has been observed that when an eevee is at its lowest happiness, and knows the move frustration, it will "evolve" into a Shadeon. Both methods are observed and accepted, though obviously, neither are condoned.

Reason for Rarity: And this harsh method of breeding is precisely why Shadeon are so rare. Such a method is considered abuse, and thus is illegal. Beyond that, when a Shadeon is created, there is no guarantee that it will stick with its trainer. In fact, quite the opposite, as the Shadeon would likely flee from the trainer who had caused it enough abuse to kill it. Hence why Shadeons are almost never found.

Guardeon - Flying Type Eevee

Description: Guardeon are small pokemon, only around 3-4 feet long, including the bushy tail. They have no back legs, and in place of their front legs, they have long, pure white, feathery wings. Their face, besides the golden white fur they now have, remain largely unchanged from their eevee face. They flitter upright, their eyes constantly closed, their body tapering gently into their tail to look natural. Lastly, they have a small ring of light, a halo, floating around their head.

Personality: Guardeon are completely benevolent pokemon, considered to be the opposite to Shadeon in every way. They seem especially attracted to younger pokemon, and their main occupation seems to be guarding pokemon like angels, hence their name. When not guarding, they seem to live up in the stratosphere, on clouds, because their body is extremely light despite their appearance; less then a pound. They don't seem to be able to breed normally, however, a few have been observed blessing pregnant mothers and newborn children, apparently "claiming" them, and watching them throughout their lives. It is postulated that, when these blessed pokemon die, if they are of an eevee line, they become a Guardeon.

Method of Breeding: It is said that when an eevee is holding a Holy Symbol, and when their Special Defense stat bypasses a certain number, they evolve into a Guardeon. However, supernaturalists once again pose an alternate theory; that being that when an eevee dies while protecting someone it truely loves, it becomes a Guardeon. Both theories are accepted.

Reason for Rarity: Because of the spectral nature of the Guardeon, and where they seem to make their nests, Guardeons are hard to keep in captivity and harder still to breed or evolve. Their need for freedom prevents most trainers from keeping them.

Toxeon - Poison Type Eeveon

Description: A Toxeon, in and of itself, is merely a large mass of bright purple, semi transparent fluid with eyes, much akin to Muk or Grimer. However, a Toxeon differs in the fact that it carries its eevee form's skeleton within it, and usually forms itself around the skeleton, giving it a quadrupedal form with a skull and crossbones for a face. It also occasionally, in an attempt to keep itself formed, while make itself into a large cube.

Personality: Like their ever shifting form, Toxeon seem to have no solid personality, though that could just be because it is extremely difficult to emote while nothing but an almost literal bag of bones. This could also be because their brains were melted during their creation process, giving them little higher brain functions. Their main focus seems to be finding their next meal, as their odd body has an unusually high metabolism. Other then that, their only inclination seems to be to reproduce. A female Toxeon would usually have trouble reproducing, as they have no real womb. However, every so often, they come into "heat" and form a womb within themselves. Any pokemon compatible can mate the female in this time and create a pokemon, which will be encased in an egg in order to ensure it doesn't get hurt from the mother's poisonous ooze flesh. The males have an equally interesting way of reproducing. They can mate with any compatible female. They do this by inserting a small amount of their flesh into to female's womb. This flesh contains raw dna, but until the female processes it, it also contains large amounts of poison. Thus the female would be in a constant state of pain for a small amount of time before she is impregnated. A skillful breeder will have a large supply of peacha berries on hand to counter this.

Method of Evolving: A Toxeon evolves when it is exposed to large amounts of radiation and/or toxic waste. It's flesh melts, and mutates into the gel that forms its body.

Reason for Rarity: Because no safe way has been found to properly mutate an eevee into Toxeon form without hurting it, each Toxeon in existence is considered an accident as opposed to a proper evolution. Thus, Toxeon don't technically exist, and thus, they are unbreedable.

Deseon - Ground Type Eeveon

Description: Deseon are long pokemon, about 5-6 feet from nose to tail tip. Their bodies, necks, and tails are all very thin and lanky, almost wormlike. Their body is covered with coarse, hook like fur that helps them burrow and/or stay clung to the ground when predetors try to pry them up. Their tails are tapered to a long point, which helps them dig, and their muzzle is tapered as well. Their eyes are nearly always closed to slits, to prevent dirt and sand from getting in them, and their ears are very long and narrow, to preform the same function. Lastly, their maws are actually very large, taking up most of their face, but almost constantly closed in order to keep dirt out. Their front teeth are curved and shovel like, almost like a rat, while their back teeth are sharp, meant to grind their prey. Overall, they have been described as "eevee like sand worms".

Personality: Deseon are solitary pokemon, opting only to socialize with their own kind. They make vast and complex underground burrows, not dissimilar to moles or mole rats. They seem to prefer ground that is extremely warm, possibly to prevent predators from attacking their burrows' entrances and exits. Deseon burrows are most commonly found at the base of volcanoes, and deep in the desert, usually isolated from everything else. As such, they seem to have an ability to gain some sort of hydration from the dirt they dig through. Deseon are a favorite prey of most bird pokemon, including Braviary and Mandibuzz. They are consistently threatened by the two, hence why they've developed their coat of fur to help them stay in their holes if they are ever attacked.

Mating, for Deseon, is a fairly normal and uncomplicated thing. The eevees born will be raised underground, likely to develop into Deseon themselves. Those who evolve otherwise are usually guided out of the desert or away from the volcano by their father to live their lives comfortably.

Reason for Rarity: Because Deseon live so far underground in such dangerous or harsh environments, they are almost never encountered unless they are being specifically tracked. Barring digging, the only way to sense them is with complex seismographic technology, hence why they are not widely known to the lay trainer.

Method of Evolution: If an Eevee goes long periods without sunlight and surrounded by dirt, (I.E., if they were to burrow alot), then they are likely to evolve into a Deseon in time. Likewise, if their Defense stat is past a certain point, and they known the move dig, an eevee will likely evolve into a Deseon.

Heleon - Rock Type Eeveeon

Description: Very simply designed, Heleon is basically a group of mysteriously levitating rocks formed into an eeveeon shape around an eevee shaped magma core. Their shape can vary wildly from Heleon to Heleon, but one thing remains at least a bit consistent; their eyes. A Heleon's eyes are actually gemstones, and the type of stone will always reflect its favorite food. Bitter loving Heleons will have Emerald eyes. Spicy lovers will have Ruby eyes. Dry lovers will have Saphires, and so on.

Personality: Most Heleons, despite their volcanic origins, are actually quite peaceful, wishing to rest quietly rather then fight or play. However, when one does get playful, it could potentially cause earthquakes. Likewise, an angry one could cause a lava spill, and potentially a large fire. Heleon also possess the unique talent of being able to sense or perhaps scent their favorite gemstone. For instance, a pearl eyed Heleon will easily be able to find which clampearls have the largest pearls, while an obsidian eyed Heleon would be able to find large deposits of it. As such, these pokemon, though endangered and illegal to own, are prized among jewelers for their ability to sniff out the most refined and precious of gems. Wild Heleon, unsurprisingly, prefer extremely arid and hot environments, most choosing to live INSIDE volcanoes. Others merely live in volcanic caves, near lava streams. Because of this, they seem to value Deseon as prey, forming a sort of rivalry between the two; Heleon is able to sense and dig up the ground type eeveeon, and the sand worm pokemon is able to fight back with its sharp fur. However, Heleon is considered the main predator in this case, as Deseon do not actively hunt Heleon, and Heleon has a clear advantage in the fact that it can exude temperatures in excess of 10,000 degrees when threatened.

Reason for Rarity: The reason for Heleon's rarity lies in its breeding method. A female Heleon must be exposed to temperatures hot enough to melt rock in order to enter her heat, IE, molten magma found in volcanoes. Beyond this, after a male and female have mated, the female's womb forms a thick diamond shell around the normal egg shell. Diamond, being one of the hardest substances on earth, can only be cracked by certain lasers, other diamonds, and certain pokemon. A Heleon mother, just before it is time for the eevee to hatch, will eat away this thick heat shield to allow the eevee to hatch. This of course, raises a number of problems for a breeder who wishes to keep two Heleon in captivity. The first is that they would need a natural cave for the two to nest in, as that is the only place this rock type would feel comfortable. Second, they would need volcanic temperatures in order to put the female into heat. Third, they wouldn't be able to check for defects or rottenness of the egg, as it is covered by its diamond shell. And fourth and lastly, the egg would need its shell broken at exactly the right time. This poses two more problems, those being that it isn't yet discerned how a mother Heleon knows exactly when to break the shell, and two, the trainer would need a way to break through diamond without crushing the delicate egg within. All this culminates into the fact that Heleons are extremely difficult to breed in captivity, and even harder to keep. That, and their endangered status, makes them one of the rarer eeveeons unknown to the public.

Method of Evoloution: It is speculated that an eevee exposed for long periods of time to the sulfuric and ashy environments around a volcano evolve it into a Heleon, hence why eevees born to Heleons evolve as such. It is also speculated that an eevee traded holding an Obsidian Shard would evolve into a Heleon. However, neither are confirmed.

Brawleon - Fighting Type Eeveeon

Description: Brawleon are actually not dissimilar from Eevee in appearance. Their fur is show to be a dark red, and their eyes a deep maroon color. They are longer then eevees, and taller, by a margin of about 50%. Their chests are also puffier, giving them a proud appearance. Their ears are larger and longer, as are their tails, and their face is just a bit longer. All this gives them a more wolflike appearance, while still retaining much of their eevee form.

Personality: Brawleon are war like in their society. They've also been likened to street gangs, and indeed, their rough and tumble society is very much like street fighters and gangs. The alpha Brawleon is usually the one with the most scars, and losing an eye in battle is considered an honor. They are known to fight their hardest, no matter what, whether they are defending from a rival gang of Brawleon, or just trying to shoo a taillow from their territory. A gang will have one of two hierarchys; either Male dominance or Female dominance, depending on the Alpha. In either case, the submissive gender will still occasionally fight for their dominance. This carries over into the alpha hood, wherein the alpha Brawleon is CONSTANTLY being challenged by younger gang members. This means that an Alpha usually holds his or her position for a very small amount of time before being usurped, the average time span an Alpha rules averaging to about 2 months. Mating and breeding for Brawleons is normal, except for their actual method of breeding. When a male, or female, wishes to mate their submissive, (and they can have multiple "mates"), then the two engage in an angry duel, wrestling each other, each trying to get the other to concede. Usually, this ritual ends when the Male releases his seed. This will cause the submissive, whether they is male or female, to calm, though against their will. Pregnant females are treated roughly still, and expected to keep up despite their condition, though they are given extra food. Eevee kits fare no better, expected to keep up or be left behind.

Reason for Rarity: Brawleons are not actually rare. They gather on the edges of major cities in their gangs and fight viciously among themselves. However, they are impossible as of now to keep in captivity. Brawleons are a very violent species, and as such, are hard to keep, and impossible to tame. This is because whenever a Brawleon loses a fight to anyone but its own species, it loses its fighting spirit, and becomes depressed. This triggers a special organ at the base of a Brawleon's brain, which releases a natural acid that kills the Brawleon instantly. Thus, whenever a Brawleon is ripe for catching, it would simply die. And whenever one isn't, it is in a constant state of seething anger. Either way, they are currently unobtainable and untrainable.

Method of Evolution: It is speculated that whenever an eevee is trained, but not allowed to evolve into the eeveeon it wants, it begins to build anger. When this anger reaches its peak, I.E. when the eevee is still disallowed to evolve as it is trained, then it becomes a Brawleon. In certain tests, it was found that an Eevee whos Attack and Defense are equally high when an eevee passes a certain level will also evolve into an eeveeon. However, neither of these methods is confirmed.

And there we are. Including Eevee itself as a normal type, that is each known type given to an eevee. I hope you were well informed by it, as well as at least somewhat entertained. Thank you for listening to my diatribe, and please return to the Darkness Labs for more in the future. Thank you again, and good night.

-Dr. Zephery Oswald


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