Robin's Fist Tournament!

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Robin's Fist Tournament!

Post by Silver on May 30th 2011, 11:27 pm

Yeah, this is the fighting Trophy gym, lots of muscles n stuff, do you have the brain to beat this set of brawn?

Badge, Throphee badge


The Fightign Gym Believes that one battle is not the way of the fist, there for, you will have to prove yourself by doing:

A Doubles Battle :
Wich will be with 6 pokemon, no level limit and wonder Launcher, you are allowed to use 2 psychic/flying/Ghost types, Switching is allowed for the challanger, 4 times per battle

A Singles battle
Same rules as above, only Switching is allowed full time

( and if you win and lsoe one ) A Rotation Battle, during the rotation battle switching is NOY allowed, also wonder launcher will be on, otherwise its all the same rules

uhm i think thats all, aside the obvious: No Legendaries Rule, and perhaps something else im forgetting x3 but yeah, enjoy
If you win 3 out of 3, you gain the badge, if you win 2 out of 3, you only get the badge if you actually had fun, yes people the HAVE FUN rule applies

if you lose both first rounds, then it is most likely i will find your efforts short comming and you will have to try again
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Re: Robin's Fist Tournament!

Post by Jack Kingston on June 10th 2011, 11:39 am

I'd like to rechallenge you if possible, I'll delete the other post later but I've transfered most of my level 100s pokemon from HG so that ends the 4th gen battles for me but I've done that for one reason... to defeat you and get that trophy badge

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