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Post by Jack Kingston on May 21st 2011, 8:06 pm

Join me Ace, the new leader of Team Magma! Maxie has been stopped by two trainers by the names of May and Brendan but fear not. As his team's ambition still lives on. We shall expand the landmass by getting rid of water. How? By becoming the champion of Lod, by ruling the Lair of Darkness no other team or member shall stand against us. We shall rule all once I defeat every Gym Leader and gain 8 badges to qualify for the Elite Four. Once there I'll defeat them one by one until at last I'm the champion.

So while we try and conquer the Lod's League they'll be some other teams trying to take us down, we musn't let them win against us or all we've worked for could be for nothing. Once I become Champion I'll assign each member a Gym or an Elite Member's Position to take over so that nobody may try to de-throne me until we've finished what Maxie has started!

Leader/Future Champion: Ace

Co-Leaders: Kirstein, Jack, Warren, Jordan


Our logo is a red M, for Magma!

^I'll post the PNG Version later but as all of you are aware of, there is multiple sprite thieves out there wanting my work.

My OC Gym Leaders shall be my team members until more people join.

Jack and Tim's Collaboration, The Letope Region's Map. Subject to change

Kaekage are collaborating a region and have 4 leaders completed and almost complete with leaders, no map or anything like that but he hasn't been on in a while. Can this collaboration be completed or will it remain uncompleted?

Black: 1377 6557 2923 Ace
White: 0132 1341 4837 Stacey (It has Ace in it)
DVR's 5th Gen: 4040 5570 5015
Diamond´╗┐: 1584-3456-4527 Ace (Not for battling, just transfering to black now)
HeartGold: 3223-8056-3264 Ace

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Jack Kingston
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