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Post by TheSilentWitch on May 18th 2011, 3:41 am

Golurk! My cutie golett just evolved not too far back, and though I knew about Golurk before then, absolutely NOTHING could have prepared me for the awesomeness that is having a Golurk by your side.

Mine is quiet. Somewhat shy, and very unnerved around certain bug types, like Ariados and Scolipede. He's not afraid of the joltic line, oddly enough. Maybe because he knows he could defend himself if he needed to...?

Ohyea... One word... POWER. This guys strong enough to use Curse about four times and still give out a beating. He's definitely the new tank for my team. Sorry Rook... (my dusknoir)

But he's so gentle! Even though he's about 10 feet tall, he can pick a bouquet of flowers without dropping a petal off of one. He seems to want to draw, but he has no innate talent for it. This doesn't seem to frustrate him much though. He seems to equate his happy little child like scribbles with such masterpieces as the Mona Lisa. Wonderful big guy~

And yeah. He can fly. His legs pull in, his arms transform... And he becomes the Rocket Man. :3 There's no place he seems happier then in the sky... He often draws pictures of clouds... I'm sure that, if he weren't a mute, (his original creators likely didn't have the technology to give him a voicebox, but hey that's just one more thing we have in common), he'd talk about it all the time. :3

Beautiful addition to the ghosts. He's right up there with my Cofagrigus and my Ms. Alice (mismagius). Ms. Alice will likely hold my heart forever... However, now that I've experienced the wonder that is Golurk... It's really a toss up who I like better when it comes to the new Unova ghosts. Right now, since I have Shiny New Toy Syndrome, it's Golurk. We'll have to see if that holds out...

Oh yea... Uhm... Reason for this thread. x3 Post your descriptions of your Unova pokemon down below. Or comment on my Golurk. Either way... Have fun. :3

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Post by Jack Kingston on May 18th 2011, 6:50 am

Stoutland! My little puppy Lillipup has grown quite a lot since we started on this magnificent journey. Once the weakest members of my team, now one of the most reliable (Though I need to level to 100 to show you all). With the epicness of his Paul Sr. Mustauche (From American Chopper) he's been able to handle the Ghost types of Shauntal who would normally have no effect against each other.

(Edit in more later)

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