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Basically I'm transferring Soccerryle's topic on Shaychu over to here.
Soccerryle wrote:Basically, just a discussion where we share our Original Characters. You can use long descriptions or simple ones.

Since mine is uber long (600+ characters weeeeee) and I have the first post, I'll be putting my characters in spoilers so it's less cluttered. You don't have to (in fact, it's encouraged that you don't)

COMPLETED: ~86/~600

Lily, Adam, Requiem:
Dio, Chris, Christian, Aaron:
(tamaya family)
Adam Tamaya - "God". That's pretty much exactly what I was going for. Dio burned his flesh (accidentally) so he's permanently disfigured, but Adam is God so he's quick to forgive. His name is derived from the Biblical tale of Adam and Eve and also derived from adamu which is similar to atomu which is Japanese for atom, the generic building block for all forms of matter. His eyes hold a basic display of an atom, he controls all matter not already attached to him (so he can't repair his skin), and his sword is an invisible-bladed sword whose hilt has three triangles on it, named Trinity.

Lily Tamaya - I was going for an "evil older sister" and this is it. In a climactic event starting with Aaron's first birthday, Lily tormented all four of her younger brothers, making Dio bipolar and occasionally OCD, ruining Chris's emotions and childhood, blinding Christian and forcing him to see in infrared, and ripping Aaron's jaw off of his mouth. Due to this extremely traumatic event, Lily is not exactly held in high regard by her family members. Her overall goal is seizing her Father's throne of God and ruling over every small detail of the world, so she can make it perfect (in her mind). Her eyes hold the symbol of a candle, her element is shadow, and her sword is a winged sword named Halcyon.

Dio Tamaya - "Short older brother" and the world's greatest musician (he's like the Beatles, Metallica, the Who, the Rolling Stones, and every single band out there before the start of the new millenium (for us); in the MUGEN context, Dio is the world's first hard rocker, soon moving to Beatles pop/rock with his younger brothers, and then shifting back into the hard-rock/proto-metal mentality before finally moving to metal. His musical tastes change with each passing decade. He started his first band with five people in it when he was 8 (right after the climactic event); his first song was "Purple Haze". His mood changes every time he falls asleep, for the duration of the time he's awake, and he doesn't actually have to sleep, either. The severity of his manic depressive disorder depends on the amount of time spent awake from the previous form; the longer he stays awake, the harsher his bipolarness becomes. His eyes hold a triangle that changes depending on his mood (which is pretty easy considering he's bipolar), his element is fire, and his sword is a small dagger named Ensign which can cut anything, whose design he uses to decorate his bands. He's incredibly fast but not that strong, he changes into the Devil, and he can emit and receive sounds incredibly well. (he can change his voice into somebody else's by having them only speak three syllables, and he can hear anything)

Christopher Tamaya - "Emotionless twin brother" and pretty much a human calculator. Any math equation that's ever needed to be solved has already crossed Chris's mind, and he may or may not have actually done the problem. He has books upon books of scribblings that he's made solely because he thought of math. Other than math, nothing really excites him or gives him any form of emotion. He's a great guitarist and plays lead for Dio's family band thing. His eyes are circles that increase or decrease depending on how sharp he wants to see things, his element is wind, and his sword is a giant broadsword (think Soul Edge), wrapped in bandages and is shown to be organic in that it bleeds (although it changes into a golden sword later) named Mugen, which also changes depending on what sword is copied (Mugen is like the sword form of Kirby). He's faster than he is strong but is generally neutral in comparison to Dio, his true form is that of a giant bird, and his primary sense is his eyes, which he uses to see through everything (but as I said, he's emotionless, so he doesn't have a libido, so he's not a pervert). My favorite character to draw, as well as the first drawn.

Christian Tamaya - "Emotional twin brother" who gets along with everybody. He's an excellent novelist and writer and often pairs with Dio to write music. As a bass guitarist, like Chris, he's ambidextrous, but unlike Chris, he tends to perform left-handed. He loves to joke around and be manic all the time, which he habitually picked up from caring for his brothers (out of the four, he was the least damaged, and so was the primary caretaker...he was three years old, of course). His glasses are red because he sees in infrared, so his Father designed glasses that helped him see (and now he sees in color). His eye design looks like crosshairs that spin at will (it looks like a fan), his element is water, and his sword is a longsword with a ridiculously long blade called Phantom (that changes a lot but I haven't finalized those designs yet). He's stronger than he is fast but is generally neutral like Chris, his true form is that of a giant dog/wolf thing, and his primary sense is his smell, which is able to track even the faintest of smells.

Aaron Tamaya - "Tall younger brother", and that doesn't even begin to cut it. He's seven feet tall, Chris and Christian are six and Dio's five, and he's only 15 years old. He's flat-footed although he digs into his feet to give himself an arch. His jaw was removed from his skull, and all the skin came off too, so he uses a special device Chris designed to speak and supply nutrients. It attaches to his throat. His hair is also the least wild hair, you'll see what I mean when I post pics. His eye design is literally just a plus, his element is earth, and his "sword" is a giant spear with a crescent-shaped blade, called Luna (it's a cross between Astaroth of Soul Calibur and Nnoitra of Bleach when it comes to design). He's ridiculously strong but has trouble running because of his flat feet, his true form is an earth golem, and his primary sense is feeling, because he can sense vibrations and track the size, distance, and form of whatever's making those vibrations.


Kaoru Matsubara - Pretty much a normal teenage girl until Rem came along and ripped out her breasts in exchange for fantastic power. She now has bandages across her chest because of it. 16 years old and arguably the main character of the series. Her hair is reminiscent of Rukia from Bleach but it's kinda different. After the experience, she usually wears a green turtleneck sweater and navy blue jeans with dark shoes. She gets into an affair with Chris before they realize that her birth mother is Lily; they still get married and have kids (below), because genetically the Tamaya family doesn't suffer from birth defects. Her eye design is a black version of Lily's candle, her weapon is a bow (and it's unusual because there are no archery weapons among the Infinite), and her element is light. She's the most neutral any person could get if she were in a fighting game, but she's a very good adapter and excellent with her hands. Her "true form" if she had one would be a snake. She's also an unusually good cook.

Ken Matsubara - Caretaker and older brother of Kaoru and Tarou by day, masked marauder and vigilante by night. The only human on the planet that had experience with the Infinite before Kaoru was transformed. Also partially his fault that she transformed, but not directly his fault, so he doesn't have to feel guilty (he still does). Although he's Kaoru's brother, he doesn't have any of the signs of the Infinite (he wasn't awakened). He's excellent with his hands and adapts well to situations, which is essential to be a masked marauder. He goes by the pseudonym "Singularity" while masked. He's also homosexual but refuses to admit it.

Tarou Matsubara - The youngest brother. A nerd, he consistently has the highest grades in his class, and is shown to not only be an intellectual, but also very good at adapting to situations as needed. He's not physically tough like his older siblings but he shines in the mental department. He enjoys hacking and silent walks along peaceful alleyways. 11 years old and in Kaoru's grade (not the same class though), Tarou is also excellent with computers; he has a well-paying job working with the government to help increase their cybersecurity, because he used to break into their databases really quickly. He also likes to do graphic design and has helped Dio with designs in the past.

Lucy Inoue - Drummer of Dio's band after Dio and Christian's falling-out and Aaron's revelation that he didn't really care for being a musician. Becomes important later, but never gains supernatural powers (except for inhuman tolerance and patience).

(Lily's army)

Aleph - A dark knight that is dedicated to Lily for some reason

Syzygy - amorphous powerhouse

Rem - nightmare controller; able to warp dreams into reality

Ramona - dreamweaver (manipulates and creates dreams); works with Rem to force people into a demented nightmare

Peter - a guy with masks, each mask corresponds to an element and a power; there are three

Paul - a giant clown

Mary - a carny

Flora - a shy girl that controls plants

Fauna - a man with a wolf-head

MUGEN: Infinity
NOTES: Chris becomes a teacher in the high school this takes place in, Dio is performing without any of his brothers (and performing pop tunes instead of metal), Aaron becomes a janitor in the high school this takes place in, Kaoru is a nearby psychiatrist, Christian is on a journey to enlightenment so he's not really prevalent in his child's life which proves to be a really really bad thing.

(tamaya family)

Requiem Tamaya - The "big bad" and the reason Lily went crazy and tortured everybody. The oldest son of Adam and completely power-hungry, his alien look is due to power overuse, and is something I call "burnout" (after the game Burnout, the one where you crash cars everywhere, I thought it was funny at the time). Constantly cloaked to hide his skeletal figure, Requiem is the strongest character in MUGEN: Infinity. His eyes are shaped like a TIE fighter (purely coincidental), his sword is a cutlass, and he controls gravity. Incredibly fast, incredibly strong, mentally unstable.

Daniel Tamaya - Chris and Kaoru's son, Dani's twin. Dan is an incredible fighter, skilled in multiple forms of martial arts as well as being physically strong in general, but Dan's a huge pacifist. He was raised solely by his mother because of an experiment and also because Chris and Kaoru knew that they couldn't raise two kids amongst themselves (they had only planned for one) but they both love him equally. Dan and Kaoru live in the original house from the first series, and moved into Dani's neighborhood after Kaoru got a job close to that area.

Danielle Tamaya - Chris and Kaoru's daughter, Dan's twin. Dani is an extremely intelligent girl, easily considered a genius, but she hasn't increased her grade level because she considers mental prowess to be "boring". She was raised solely by his father because of an experiment and also because Chris and Kaoru knew that they couldn't raise two kids amongst themselves (they had only planned for one) but they both love her equally. After their decision to split (but stay married), Chris and Dani literally built another house in a neighborhood that had a school nearby (of course, with the neighbor's help).

Reyn Christensen - Christian's son. During childbirth, Reyn's mother died, and Christian couldn't take the stress of dealing with a kid that looked like the only person he ever truly loved, so when Reyn was three Christian went on a journey to get away from it all, leaving Reyn in the custody of Reyn's mother's sister (Sadie Christensen). Unfortunately Sadie was a sadistic mother who constantly beat Reyn for any reason she could find so Reyn has had quite a terrible life.

Alice Tamaya - Dio and Lucy's daughter. An excellent drummer, Alice has performed with Dio since she could pick up drumsticks, and even at the age of three Alice could play better than both her mother and Aaron, so Aaron became a janitor and Lucy became a lawyer for Dio. Alice was elmo at said age of three (Dio was having power troubles at the time, sadly, so he killed her rapists the old-fashioned human way) and has an intense (and for a while unexplained) fear and hatred of, well, dicks, because of it.

Devon Tamaya - Aaron's child.


Kevin Donahue - Aaron's son-in-law, or stepson or something; I don't really know how it works; basically, Aaron's wife's first husband's son. Lives with Aaron because his dad died of a heart attack. Works with Tarou in a multimedia-producing firm.

(Requiem's army)

Lily's surviving army transferred over to Requiem's army, with quite a few additions. Lily and Aleph are rank 3 in Requiem's army.

Mister - Xylek's partner (below); his power is derived from his mask, which he really doesn't want (he killed his lover on accident and looks for repentance by removing his source of power); constantly gets annoyed with Xylek's antics. Mister's weapon is a brass knuckle named "Governor"; his eyes are in the shape of a cat's eye slit; he's incredibly powerful at the expense of not very stable; and he's actually human without the mask.

Xylek - An Asian guy (unintentionally) who happens to be in Rank 2 with Mister; the strongest Infinite without a weapon. Xylek's eyes are in the shape of the Star Trek logo thingy (I think it's the Klingon logo, in retrospect), and he's as fast as the speed of light and as powerful as lightning.

Mr. Kite, Robert Henderson, Rita Henderson - Magicians and original heads of the Infinite before Requiem took over. Mr. Kite is the oldest and incredibly insane, followed by Dr. Robert (a magician and a doctor, yes) and his daughter Rita, who is rank 3 with Mr. Kite. Dr. Robert is too bust cruising like a boss to actually care but he shows up by the end of the series.

MUGEN: Apocalypse
NOTES: Dio dies in this series (causing a week-long public open-mic ceremony as a funeral), and the entire plotline serves to show Annie's adjustment to society; Chris and Aaron are still a teacher and janitor, respectively; Dani is a general and Dan serves as a doctor in the Red Cross; Reyn and Alice take Dio's job as the best musician(s) ever; Devon works under his brother Kevin in a technology firm and gets well-paid.

Anabel Tamaya - The final original Tamaya, born shortly after Adam's death and launched into the world as an orphan. With absolutely no knowledge of anything (she's literally an infant), a kind old couple took her in and treated her...not very well, but they didn't have much. When Annie turned five, her caretakers passed away and she was taken (forcibly) to an abusive orphanage. At nine she's forced to kill herself and her father but since that ruins the whole plot of MUGEN: Apocalypse I'll try not to get too detailed about it right now.

Other than that, no new real characters until the afterstory

MUGEN: Afterstory
NOTES: Christian is the new God (Adam is dead), Dio is still dead, everyone is still more or less the same but older, this arc chronicles Annie's life as she goes into college, oh and Reyn turns to rap while Alice gets better at singing

Dawn Ramirez - One of the girls that was with Annie during her stay at an abusive orphanage; rescued and placed in a loving yet monetarily-poor foster home, Dawn serves as one of two sardonic-humor characters.

Jessica Murakami - One of the girls that was with Annie during her stay at an abusive orphanage; rescued and placed in an abusive foster home, Jessica is mostly silent in public and serves as the second sardonic-humor character.

Shinichi Hayashi - One of the boys that was with Annie during her stay at an abusive orphanage; rescued and placed in an excellent foster home, Shinichi serves as a simple extra character and Keenan's best friend.

Keenan Warsame - Annie's boyfriend. Goes by "K'NAAN" on stage and performs the IRL K'naan songs, as a musician.

Hailie Christensen - Reyn and Alice's adopted daughter, after Alice realized her reproductive organs were permanently damaged due to her trauma; happy-go-lucky and amazingly upbeat, although not a musician like her parents. Her birth parents are still alive and she considers herself lucky to have four parents to love her.

Laney Tamaya - Dan and Dani's daughter (remember that the Tamaya family line overrules genetic diseases and pretty much anything wrong with incest) who knows nearly nothing about her powers. Lives with Reyn and Alice because both Dan and Dani are away at the arc's start.

Michael Tamaya - Devon's son. The oldest of the three children (eighth grade during the arc's start), Michael is also very good with his powers (earth and fire) to the point where he also masquerades under Ken's old name of Singularity.

(Prosthetix band)

John Lopez - vocalist

Kyle Lopez - percussionist, backup vocalist

Zachariah Law - bass guitarist, backup vocalist

James Rachenstein - lead guitarist (also the main character)

Melissa Smith - rhythm guitarist, keyboards

(Dethmarch band)

Connor O'Brien - vocalist

Leonard Brown - percussionist

Jordan Hudson (deceased) - bass guitarist

John and Kyle Lopez - guitarists


Jessica Hiiragi - James's girlfriend (the story is basically taken mostly from Nurse-kun's Damaged Goods legacy, although it's more to the tune of the Scarred visual novel project)

Melinda Smith - Melissa's mother, passes away from cancer during the storyline

Gordon Smith - Melissa's father, the huge jerkass of the Prosthetix storyline and pretty much the first main antagonist

The entirety of Zach's family - supporting characters, not really important except for the fact that they live with Zach, John and Kyle

(Right now, it's a sci-fi version of the Holocaust; first iteration was simply a remake of the Holocaust; subject to change)

Dreidel - protagonist, poor Jewish girl living in WWII Germany smack-dab during the Holocaust (who also has an innate, nearly supernatural talent with projectile weapons) and one of the first to witness the arrival of the alternates.

Dr. Josef Mengele (real) - the Angel of Death, known for sadistic and twisted experiments on (usually living) subjects

Dr. Josef Mengele (alternate) - the Angel of Death from an alternate universe where he's not that bad of a person (and Hitler actually saved the WORLD), he's still a mad doctor but he uses advanced weaponry and usually experiments on himself and whoever's willing to participate. Other main character.


Adolf Hitler (alternate) - the Fuhrer of alternate Germany, where Germany is the ultimate superpower after Germany defeats oppressive Britain and France (but avoids fighting the US due to several peace treaties), alternate Hitler seized power after Germany's tremendous loss in WWI and became a superpower. During the Great Depression, Hitler had excellent economic goals that swerved Germany to overtake the US and the Soviet Union as the ultimate superpower of the alternate world. A genius, alternate Hitler participates in many of Dr. Mengele's insane experiments because he "finds it fun".

Otto Skorzeny (real) - One of the most ultimate badasses in our world, you should go look it up, but I mean he's still a jerkass

Otto Skorzeny (alternate) - Not entirely bright commander of the Peace Corps of alternate Germany. Quick to jump on things but is overall a very nice guy, also pretty damn good at self-defense skills.


Crystal Ford - Owner of the Art: Forge (master)

Edmund MacDonald - Normal guy

Dustin Ford - Owner of the Art: Daub (master)

Katherine Johnson - Owner of the Art: Pressure

Henry Johnson - Owner of the Art: Pressure (master)

Project Alpha

Alice Munro - "emo" girl (but not really); Jim's sister

Bob - ALL-AMERICAN HAM and Greg's younger brother (although they really hate each other)

Craig - metalhead; I want him to be the main antagonist somehow eh I'll figure it out

Dave - Beatles fanatic, totally in love with Alice; Oliver's younger brother main protagonist (if Project Alpha really had protagonists)

Eric - computer hacker extraordinaire; Leonard's younger brother

Francis Rodriguez - cynical war veteran and amputee; usually makes sardonic remarks at others' expense

Greg - maaaaaaan he's just high on everything dude; Bob's older brother (although they really hate each other)

Hannah - Cheerleader of the local high school

Ivy - Cheerleader of the local high school; hottest girl in school (if "hot" can be easily defined under my art style...)

Jim Munro - Lives motionless on a bench; it's revealed that he has a disease that leaves him unable to control his muscles, Alice is his younger sister who takes care of him as well as she can, his parents pretty much left him on a park bench to die, and said disease is actually temporarily treatable.

Kyle - Punk man. Really into punk. Probably Francis's only friend because they share the same cynical ideals.

Leonard - Good at everything, and I mean everything. Eric's older brother.

Michelle - guitarist that lives in Nick's mansion with her friends Oliver, Paul, and Quincy. Inferiority complex, especially regarding her breasts (quote Kyle: "It's like...freaking...there's nothing there!").

Nicolas - Only black guy in series; totally defies all (negative) stereotypes associated with black people (well-educated, richest person in the cast, incredibly nice, drugless, I don't really know very many stereotypes); owns the mansion that Michelle and her friends live in.

Oliver - Optimistic amputee and Dave's older brother; in love with Michelle but totally reluctant to admit it (seems to be a trait that runs in the family lol) and plays drums in the same way Kyle of Prosthetix plays drums

Paul McCartney (yes, THAT Paul McCartney) - Beatles co-founder and ex-member; after they broke up, McCartney took all the blame; tried to start up a new project called Wings but failed to take off ("Band on the Run" was a huge success, regardless); now lives with Michelle in a mansion owned by Nicolas and plays bass guitar in their band

Quincy Stone - Blind pianist and an excellent debater; when Francis and Quincy meet, expect a debate that lasts for days...it literally will never end until somebody interrupts them

Rose - goth girl; never smiles, always wears black, considers Alice a "poser" (except Alice isn't really trying) and oddly enough Scott's girlfriend

Scott - athletic sports jock, always wears shorts, trumps most of the rest of the cast in sports-related activities, and oddl enough Rose's boyfriend

Tyler Weber - Straight from Germany with huge respect for the country of America; speaks little English but tries to fit in

Uzi Tajiri - Straight from the Yakuza, completely insane with a lust for guns; speaks little English but cares not

Virginia - Wilbur's twin or wife (haven't decided yet)

Wilbur - Virginia's twin or husband (haven't decided yet)

Xenu (yes, THAT Xenu) - works in a copy room, deals with paper management; totally confused about the ideals of Scientology (quote: "I didn't do nothin' to no damn volcanoes!") and owns a pet velociraptor named Jesus

Yale - Yale fanatic and cocky person born of unmarried parents thank god he dies early in the series

Zero - Masked superhero of JUSTICE

Henry - Purple-haired, purple-scarved protagonist of the story. Henry escaped from the robotic fortress (the first ever to escape with the robotic forces knowing; he escaped due to sheer willpower) and treks around the continent looking for similar robotically-enhanced humans willing to take revenge upon the robotic empire for taking their humanity. His weapon of choice is a "drill-sword" that was taken from a commander of the robotic forces. He is potentially the strongest and fastest member of the party but that depends on how you stat him.

Elise - The first girl Henry meets upon leaving the fortress. She helps Henry after noticing his legs and his act of defiance against a commander of the robotic forces; together, they take him down. She had her limbs stolen from her after her cowardly mother sacrificed her to appease the robotic forces; after playing dead (thus making the robotic guards throw her out), she writhed her way into the village Henry first visited. Her fists are her weapons of choice, but unlike Brutus, she doesn't throw things.

"Brutus" - A giant scientist, Brutus was a part of the original creators of the robots that ruled the world. After succumbing to the robotic forces, Brutus left on a pardon from the robotic emperor, taking with him a friend he made, Plato. He joins the party because he wants to redeem himself for participating in the robotic takeover. His fists are his weapon of choice, and during fights he tends to throw things as often as possible.

"Plato" - A very creepy guy at first, the reason for his hikikomori-like behavior is that he's actually very nervous and shy. Brutus and Plato are the best of friends, and you unlock them simultaneously; Brutus is very L4D Tank-esque except smart, whereas Plato is very Hunter/Witch-esque, except that his face was removed by the forces. He joins the party because it's the robot's fault that made him look the way he does. He attacks using his face; specifically, his robotic eye shoots short laser beams and his mouth crunches the opponent. Which is actually pretty gross, considering the enemies are all robotically-modified human body parts.

Jessica - Nick's groupie and wife, Jessica is actually not surgically modified in any way, but is an expert marksman. She joins the party because Nick joins the party, and she needs no other reason. Her weapons of choice are the hunting knife and two magnum pistols she carries on her body at all times.

Nick - A blind musician from birth, Nick's visor is surgically implanted onto his retinas, forcing him to see the cruel, cruel world as it appears in a robot's eyes. As a sign of vengeance, Nick joins the party. He uses his guitar to do lethal amounts of damage.

[names unfinalized] - What was once a single person was robotically split into two beings. Now twins, they do joint attacks for double the usual damage. They can also decoy and throw each other. Their weapons of choice are their robotic halves, which is conveniently embued with weapons.

Princess Julia - The princess of the human parts of the entire continent, her heart stopped beating and the robotic empire took it to themselves to replace her heart with a robotic heart. After Brutus surgically modifies her himself, Julia's heart is free from the locks of the robotic empire, and she joins the party as a reliable healer. Her weapon of choice is a spiked ball-with-chain that she uses to smash the ever-loving shit out of everything.


Sekai wa utsukushiku nanka nai. Soshite sore yueni utsukushii.
The world is not beautiful, therefore it is.
Nana ka maka;
ho`olohe ka pepeiao;
pa`a ka waha.
Thus one learns.

'cause it's a bittersweet symphony, that's life
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