Removing EV Points: Correcting your mathematical mistakes

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Removing EV Points: Correcting your mathematical mistakes

Post by Dr. Lodello Hawthorn on May 11th 2011, 7:39 pm

I've covered how to gain EV points and how to gain them quickly. I've also explained how those points affect the final stat totals when your pokemon is fully matured. But what if you miscount along the way? Or accidentally gain the wrong type of EV. Are those points wasted? Well, not if you know how to remove them and replace them correctly.

Removing EVs is very simple but there is only one way to do so. You must use a specific type of berry that will work something like a vitamin, only in reverse. Berries remove up to 10 EV points from a given stat, depending on which berry you use:

  • Pomeg Berry- Removes 10 HP EV points
  • Kelpsy Berry - Removes 10 Attack EV points
  • Qualot Berry - Removes 10 Defense EV points
  • Hondew Berry - Removes 10 Special Attack EV points
  • Grepa Berry - Removes 10 Special Defense EV points
  • Tamato Berry - Removes 10 Speed EV points

These berries will also have the effect of making your pokemon happier. This is merely a side effect, however. There is no limit to the number of berries you can use to remove EVs.

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